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Complex Commercial Litigation

Clients entrust us with their high stakes disputes. Our Complex Commercial Litigation Group brings sound judgment with an appropriately aggressive edge to their extensive and varied practice; encompassing an array of business, real estate and family law actions. The group's practice includes disputes arising under discreet substantive statutes, issues with high-net worth family law clients, real estate transactions and conflicts, commercial torts, intellectual property misappropriations and more. Our attorney's have a detailed understanding of jury and non-jury trials in state and federal court and have an exemplary appellate record.

Equally important to our attorneys' tenacity in the court room is their ability to counsel clients on a broad range of issues to avoid litigation. We work diligently with clients to help anticipate disputes before they arise by assessing risk and distraction, as well as providing greater efficiency and protection. We know that every move matters; from the initial counseling, to the early positioning of the facts and issues, to trial and appeal. Smart and strategic moves make the difference between a favorable judgment and a costly result. We bring unparalleled strength, experience and depth to every client's complex and important matter, ensuring their interests are advanced and their assets are safe.

  • Commercial torts
  • Intellectual property misappropriation and similar disputes
  • Partnership and entity disputes
  • Real estate and construction disputes
  • High net worth dissolution matters

Representative Experience

  • Represented a real estate holding company in the creation of a mixed-use condominium in Mountain View, California
  • Represented a family-owned bank in connection with its loan workouts, foreclosures and sales of "real estate owned" properties.
  • Represented a prominent real estate company in connection with over $30 million in real estate-secured financing in northern California

Complex Commercial Litigation Services

Litigation is a last resort but often necessary in complex and other cases. Whether utilizing the public courts or a private judge, we bring sound judgment with an appropriate aggressive edge to our commercial litigation actions. Even after litigation commences, the ultimate goal is an appropriate settlement which often occurs after interim issues are resolved.

Settlement/Non-Litigation is the preferred resolution and the majority of cases settle through the use of various processes, most of which are described below.

Arbitration is the voluntary or contractual submission of a matter in dispute to the non-judicial judgment of one or more neutral, third parties, called arbitrators, whose decision, called an award, is in most cases binding upon the parties.

Mediation involves a neutral, third party who attempts to arrange a settlement between the disagreeing parties.

Private Judges are an attractive option for clients who require confidentiality or a more speedy trial process. Private Judges administer private trials, which most resemble court out of the many alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

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