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Flicker, Kerin, Kruger & Bissada, A Limited Liability Partnership, provides high quality legal services for divorce, custody, division of property and related matters to individuals seeking advice and representation. The firm also represents individuals and entities in business related issues, including real estate and partnership & corporate formation.

We provide a wide range of legal services in the Bay Area including litigation, transactional, mediation, collaborative law practice as well as other alternative dispute processes.

Ms. Bissada, Mr. Kruger and Mr. Flicker are all Certified Family Law Specialists, each of whom have many years of experience practicing family law. Mr. Kerin’s practice focuses on transactional, corporate, business, partnership and real estate matters and general civil litigation relating to these practice areas. Senior counsel, Mr. Moore, has extensive litigation experience representing clients in all types of civil litigation.

Many of our clients going through separation and a proceeding to dissolve their marriage have business assets, investments and/or real estate which require knowledge of the law in these areas. In addition to Mr. Flicker, Mr. Kruger and Ms. Bissada, who are certified family law specialists, both Mr. Kerin and Mr. Moore’s practice includes involvement in our complex family law matters to assist us in these areas. Further, in family law cases involving complex or intensive litigation, often in high net worth estates, Mr. Moore can, if appropriate, bring his skills and experience to the case to maximize the settlement opportunities. If settlement is not achieved, our firm can then bring our litigation skills and experience to hearings and trials.

If you are contemplating separation and divorce, or are already in the process, you are likely in one of the most stressful situations a person experiences. We can provide you with the knowledge and experience which will allow you to make informed decisions about your unique situation throughout the process.

If you or your business is facing a legal issue in the areas of corporate, business or real estate, our business department can guide you through these challenges or opportunities with a high level of expertise.

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